Stubl Non-Electric Stubble Razor Solo

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Stubl is a fully integrated razor featuring a handle and replaceable blade men will find familiar. What makes Stubl unique is a proprietary cap design that is available in three different gauges depending on your desired length of shave.

The cap raises the blade from your skin resulting in a perfect stubble shave every time. Without contact to skin, no creams or oils are required. Compared to close shaving Stubl is easier and take a lot less time. Also, you can unplug and take Stubl with you anywhere. Perfect when on-the-go and travel ready.

  • Wide handle for more feel when shaving.
  • Japanese steel blades.
  • Replaceable blades sold separately.
  • .85 mm Gauge Cap
  • Ergonomically detachable blade design.
  • Perfect for on-the-go and travel ready.

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