Stubble 101

Stubl: The first blade for the perfect stubble shave.


Thank you for visiting Stubl. If you found us, it is likely you wear the stubble-look and are looking for an easier and better way to maintain it. Here are some tips on how you can maintain perfect stubble.

Step 1: Shave Clean or Trim a Beard

We recommend shaving clean and then letting your stubble to grow back to the desired length. Once you let your stubble grow back for a few days, maintain daily for the best results and to save time. It is a lot easier to cut shorter facial versus long. What's great about Stubl is that it is a straight blade for a close shave when you remove the cap.

It might make sense to trim down from a beard if your skin is sensitive or you want to see how your cowlicks grow out. In this case, trim down as close as you want and then maintain from there.

Step 2: Maintain

Most men who maintain stubble do so via and electric razor or beard trimmer.

Alternatively, you can use Stubl - the first and only blade for the perfect stubble shave. It's a traditional razor with a proprietary cap that fits over the blade, thus raising the blade to a desired cut length.

Here is how it works with shaving cream:

Shaving cream is optional...


Step 3: Clean Your Neck Line

From time to time, you will want to clean your neck line to keep your facial hair creep to a minimum. Simply remove the Stubl cap for a close shave.


Is Stubl for Beards?


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