About Stubl

We are here to make the stubble shave delightful experience every time. Stubl Easy.

It's unbelievable that no-one had developed a non-electric razor to manage the now popular stubble-look!

Stubl was conceived in early 2016 when Blake Squires from fellow colleagues in the Netherlands who own women's beauty salons. In the email was link to a product on a Danish website he initially thought was a non-electric stubble razor (he does not speak Danish;). Soon  he realized that they were not taking about that at all. Having never seen such a product before, as well as having a dislike for electric razors, Blake immediately started to do research on a non-electric variety for stubble. To his surprise he and his patent team could not find anything. In May of 2016 Blake quickly formed a team and rapidly started developing prototypes and testing the product.

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Stubl has a growing team and is based out of Akron, OH.

1700 W Market
Akron OH 44313




The idea for Stubl was actually a bit of an accident. Some of the best ideas are born this way.

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