Making it Easy for Men to Achieve the Perfect Stubble Beard Look, Tech Entrepreneur Launches Innovative Stubl Razor on Kickstarter

Stubl, a new non-electric, travel-ready easy-to-use razor that helps men maintain the perfect stubble-look daily launched on Kickstarter today.

Stubl uses a specially-designed proprietary cap that snaps onto the blade that raises it just above the skin to result in a perfect-length stubble shave every time. Also, with no contact to skin, no creams or oils are required when shaving with Stubl – and its blades are easy to replace.

Stubl Founder Blake Squires, founder of several successful tech companies, says “it’s a mystery why no one had invented a hand-stubble razor before now.”

Stubble is a popular look sported by celebrities, athletes and stylish men everywhere, and studies show that women find it particularly attractive, but it can be difficult for men to easily and painlessly keep and maintain that stubble look.

According to, the stubble look has been the most popular beard trim of 2015 and 2016 – and the trend has led to a celebrity loaded list of the Top-25 stubble beard styles. Squires said Stubl can be used to achieve any of those most-popular stubble-styles.

“Right now, most men who want the stubble-look have to use an electric razor, which can be painful and difficult as most men know,” Squires said. “The other option is to shave with a traditional razor and risk razor cuts - or start from scratch. With Stubl, all that hassle and pain are a thing of the past.”

Also, since it’s a manual razor, Stubl can be used anywhere – which is perfect for men who are on-the-go.

During crowdfunding, Stubl is available at discounted, early-bird prices. Offered is the Stubl kit which includes the Stubl handle, a month’s worth of blades, three Stubl caps at different lengths, which are all contained in the Stubl case for easy storage and travel. Stubl offers additional 8-packs of blades at a fraction of the price of others. Furthermore, all products are purchased versus requiring a subscription.