The World's First Non-Electric Stubble Razor

The World's First Non-Electric Stubble Razor

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  • Non-Electric

    Never runs out on you and less expensive than electric razors.

  • Dry Shave

    Blade never touches your skin. No creams or oils required.

  • Proprietary Cap Design

    Come with three lengths (.45mm, .85mm, 1.25mm).

  • Travel Ready

    Take Stubl with you anywhere. Packs flat and light.

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Is Stubl for beards?

No. Stubl is for stubble. If you want a beard-look, then stick with an electric razor or beard trimmer. Stubl is for people who want to maintain a stubble-look on a daily basis. If you have facial hair that is between stubble and a beard, (more than 3mm in length), you can trim it down with and electric razor, and then use Stubl. Click here for a video to learn more:

How long does it take to Stubl?

Stubl is best used to maintain stubble. After close shaving, and letting your facial hair grow (to no ore than 3mm), use Stubl daily to maintain. If used on a daily basis it only takes about 2 minutes to clean up your stubble. Click here for more information:

What is the best way to start a stubble-look?

We recommend shaving clean and then letting your stubble to grow in. Once it grows back to a desired length, use Stubl to maintain daily. Simply remove the cap and and Stubl turns into a straight blade for shaving close. Click here to learn more on shaving clean.:

Do I have to use shaving cream for Stubl?

It's up to you. Depending on the length of your stubble you may or may not need it. Click here for more information:

Can I order replacement blades and caps?

Replacement caps and razors will be available for purchase @ post project providing we meet our funding goals.

Stubl Easy Warranty

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Stubl experience, you can return your Stubl for a 100% refund.